Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Okay, so this isn't a proper DIY post, as in I haven't shown all the steps to this but I am so excited with my feature blackboard wall that I just had to share it!

I have wanted to do this chalkboard painted wall for so long and I finally did. I painted just one wall in some chalkboard paint I bought from B&Q. I bought two 750ml tins, however I only used a third of one tin and I only did one layer so it's pretty good and economical quality paint.

We left it plain and not written on for a few days as we were a little scared to ruin the look, however once we took the plunge it looked so much better with a few random scribbling's on it. I am going to get some pink and green chalk to add a bit of colour too. 

It's actually really handy having this chalkboard wall, I constantly write little lists and reminders now and write / receive cute little notes! It's easy to clean with a dry sponge too. I will probably add another coat of the paint after a while though to keep it looking fresh. 

If you have been considering doing this but are scared of using black, please go for it. I was quite surprised at how warm and cosy it has made the kitchen - I thought it would make the room look too cold and modern for my old house but it didn't at all.

Now, to find some more walls to use this chalkboard paint effect on...

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