Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sepia Smiles - now available at Anthropologie US

So, I have been going on about this 'secret project' for a while now and I can finally reveal what has been going on!

Back in June I was contacted by Anthropologie US via my Etsy Shop (thanks Etsy!) to create something along the lines of my message in a bottle kits for their holidays collection. Of course I was very glad to oblige and went on to custom design some products for them and posted them off. A month or so later they contacting saying that they would love to place orders for my New Years Resolution Kits. I was of course, delighted!
They have since also ordered the Valentines Message in a Bottle Kits I have designed for their Valentines Day capsule so they will also be available to buy soon.

My designs will be sold in 99 of their stores across America and Canada and also on their website too. I shall post a link to the items once they become available to purchase online. 

This really is a dream come true for me as I have always been a huge fan of Anthropologie and I am so thrilled that they chosen my items to stock in their amazing stores - I am so grateful for the opportunity and beyond excited - still!

I shall be blogging about the whole experience and how the heck I managed to pull it all off in the short space of time I had to do it all in. It's all thanks to my amazing family and friends and some excellent expert help too.

Just goes to show it pays not to give up on your dreams - ever!