Thursday, 15 August 2013

Elopement in Big Sur

The above photos are courtesy of one of my beautiful recent customers Beth. Herself and her husband Raza decided on an elopement to Big Sur - a beautiful part of the world as you can see from the pictures and the perfect setting for their nuptials.

Beth also kindly sent me a link to the video of the wedding which you can view here - Raza and Beth Elopement a really stunning video, the styling, music and atmosphere gave me goosebumps - you can clearly see how much they love each other and it's just so lovely to watch. I also adore the touching way in which they remembered their family members in the video too.
The video production and photography was carried out by The Cana Family directing/shooting team with a focus on lifestyle / outdoors / commercial projects. Their website design is so cool and clever! and all of their videos / shoots are amazing. You can find out more about them here.

Hopefully I will have some photographs to share with you soon from Beth and Razas wedding celebration dinner.
Thank You Beth for allowing me to share your video and photographs from your best day ever!