Sunday, 9 June 2013

interiors: grey

Hello :)

I have a bit of a thing for grey again. Some people think it's a depressing colour but I love it.
I'm  feeling somewhat replenished after taking a week off but it wasn't exactly the most relaxing of times but still good to do things that do not involve 'work' not that I see my job as work but you always need a break from even what you love every now and then.

So to give you all an update on my exceptionally exciting life, the past week consisted of the following..

Along with much required mental de-cluttering I took several trips to the dump AKA 'recycling centre' for some long overdue house de-cluttering. Something I found strangely satisfying.

Got lots and lots of lovely sleep.

The garden is no longer a jungle. I got rid of the evil chestnut tree in the middle of my lawn - the ugliest tree you have ever seen - I think it was diseased. Now I can see all the way to the end of the garden and I didn't realize it was so long! I had a great time with the chainsaw and now have a huge mountain of garden 'debris' - not sure what else to call it. 

I familiarized myself with WD40 I have never used it before and it's amazing stuff. I sprayed my front gate with it and it now no longer squeaks - I also took it upon myself to spray my neighbours gate with it too - their 'gate squeak' was even more annoying than mine.

Replaced nearly all of the light bulbs in my house - it was getting silly I would have been working by candlelight if I hadn't done something about it pronto. That was a boring job trying to find all the matching light-bulbs. I must have spent about an hour in the shop trying to pick the correct ones. I got it a little bit wrong to be honest. I have two chandelier style light fittings that are now blasting out the most intense light - it's almost blinding, I reckon I must have chosen the wrong wattage or something but at least I can see what I am doing now - looking on the bright side ;)

I also got to spend some time with my friends and family and did some babysitting. I had a lovely time with my besties son Harry, he is such a sweet little kid and so wise, he told me that my house is far too big for me and that I need a nice small cozy house instead - he only turned four in April! He was apparently very exited to come to 'Auntie Rosey's' house but I think it was due to my niece coming to play too.

Went to the MK vintage fair after having to rush back to my best friends house en-route as her husband was panic stricken due to their dogs being 'stuck together' luckily the situation rectified itself naturally and no vet assistance was required! I wonder if there will be any puppies coming along soon.
I bought myself an awesome 18th century Naval chest with my initial on it. I have always loved anything to do with old ships and the sea I just had to have it.

I will definitely have some new wedding invitations in the shop (lots of ideas brewing) by the end of June so I will keep you updated on those as and when I add them to the shop.