Tuesday, 11 June 2013

baby shower inspiration

Check out this gorgeous setting for a baby shower. I am looking for inspiration for a certain someones surprise baby shower later this month - it's OK said person doesn't really read my blog unless I post it to my facebook page so she won't find out till on the day. She has been dropping hints for a baby shower for a while now and I keep changing the subject or ignoring it - which make me feel so bad ;) and I think she has given up all hope of me arranging anything so it will be a really nice surprise for her. I can't wait to give her her pressie - it's so cute and I know she will love it. If you are reading this and are thinking 'what on Earth is a baby shower?!' this Wikipedia article will explain all.

Talking of babies. I recently became a Godmother to my friend Hannah's gorgeous baby girl Enzi. Here is a picture from the Christening, it was a lovely day and I even got a special certificate.