Sunday, 30 June 2013

Interiors: Stone

Happy Monday!

After having the best weekend of the whole year so far (by far) I am feeling unusually jolly for a Monday :) 

I was inspired to post these gorgeous pictures of stone interiors after seeing that beautiful stone ceiling'd (not a real word I am sure!) bedroom over at my favourite blog sf girl by bay
I wouldn't mind living in any of these gaffs - the kitchen with the black chairs and arched ceiling - omg!


Thursday, 27 June 2013

New In The Shop

Something new for the shop today. Hand cut, hand painted feather style escort cards (or place cards if you so prefer).

If you read my blog often you will know that I am a huge massive fan of the monochrome look and luckily for me the whole black and white look is a very popular wedding theme at the moment so I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to create something along those lines. 
It's looking like polka dots are a trend that is here to stay for a while too so I thought I would add some of those into the mix - and if I do say so myself I am pretty much loving these :)

You can get hold of them here - they are available in large quantities so get in touch for a quote.

I have lots more of these in different colours to add to the shop soon along with lots of other wedding goodness. I shall keep you updated - as per usual.

Luckily for me my weekend starts right about now so have a good one friends!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Inspiration Boards

Inspiration boards or mood boards, are an excellent way to flash out ideas for colour, pattern, textures etc.. and are a must have for most designers. I just like them because they look nice! I have created them myself in the past and it's good fun and have always intended to have one on my wall but have just never got round to it.

Here are some articles for advice on creating your own inspiration boards-
Online and offline mood board tips - LaurieBstyle
Create a wedding inspiration board here
Pinterest inspiration boards - Lobster and Swan

Hope those 'inspire' you!


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Urban Weddings: City Wedding Ideas

More urban wedding inspiration for you today. 
It's so nice to see architecture being used as a backdrop for these unique photos. It makes a change from the usual!
For more city wedding ideas take a look at these links I came across today -


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shop News

I am very lucky to have been recently featured in Emmaline Bride the 'ultimate handmade wedding guide' run by Emma Arendoski. My Lavender confetti bags were included in the Ceremony Exit Ideas post. 
With over half a million visits a month it's really exiting to be featured and I have ticked off another thing on my list of 'to dos' this year.
The website is chock full of useful wedding articles and has lots of gorgeous real wedding photo shoots to glean inspiration from for your own wedding. One of my favourites - a laid back rustic/indie wedding in a windmill winery.

I am really looking forward to doing another styling shoot with Sophie at Style Your Day in July. Hopefully alfresco so fingers crossed for some sunshine this time.
Don't you just adore Sophie - she is so stunning!

The shop now has some new additions.
I am creating a line of downloadable ready to print wedding invitations for those of you who would prefer to print your own.
There will be some more traditional designs coming along too as-well as the modern ones and many more in-between.
Hope you like 'em!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Interiors: White and Wood Brooklyn Home

I have always been a fan of Todd Selby aka 'The Selby' I think mainly because he has one of the best jobs ever travelling the world photographing the very interesting interiors of extremely artistic people - I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be looking at his website as it is a world of people that I am not at all familiar with as they are so scarily 'cool' but it's interesting to see their sometimes unusual and varied take on interior decor.

I love this Brooklyn house with all the neutral colours and wood. This minimalistic yet cozy pad is the home of Lyndsay Caleo - goldsmith and interior designer and Fitzhugh Karol - woodworker and interior designer. 
The interior is lovely and I really love the exterior - I have always loved townhouses and I actually dream about them quite a lot - random fact. They are my favourite type of house with their high ceilings, spacious rooms, many floors and all that history to go with it.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rustic Weddings: Lighting

Turn your wedding from average to amazing with the correct lighting. I love these ideas, they are so atmospheric and of course romantic! That alter is stunning - something you and your guests would never forget.

Here are some links to some other websites with some useful tips and ideas on lighting.

DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas
15 Reception Lighting Ideas
Wedding Reception Lighting Basics
Luxe For Less: Bright Ideas


Images via Pinterest

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Free Library Card Printables

As promised I have some free library card printable's for you today.
Simply print them off - from the PDF download links below - onto A4 card-stock (ideally thick) and use them as you wish. 
Feel free to use them for personal and commercial use.
Four cards per template.

1. Pink Library Card Template Click Here
2. Blue Library Card Template Click Here
3. Black Vintage Library Card Template Click Here
4. Black Library Card Template Click Here
5. Sepia Vintage Library Card Template(not shown)Click Here
There are all kinds of unique uses for library cards, use them for -

  • Place / escort cards
  • Table number cards
  • Gift tags / labels
  • Make them into cute notebooks
  • Use them for lending your own books or for messages and inserting into books that you give as gifts
  • Save the dates
  • Scrap-booking



Collage images from Aisiteer

baby shower inspiration

Check out this gorgeous setting for a baby shower. I am looking for inspiration for a certain someones surprise baby shower later this month - it's OK said person doesn't really read my blog unless I post it to my facebook page so she won't find out till on the day. She has been dropping hints for a baby shower for a while now and I keep changing the subject or ignoring it - which make me feel so bad ;) and I think she has given up all hope of me arranging anything so it will be a really nice surprise for her. I can't wait to give her her pressie - it's so cute and I know she will love it. If you are reading this and are thinking 'what on Earth is a baby shower?!' this Wikipedia article will explain all.

Talking of babies. I recently became a Godmother to my friend Hannah's gorgeous baby girl Enzi. Here is a picture from the Christening, it was a lovely day and I even got a special certificate.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

interiors: grey

Hello :)

I have a bit of a thing for grey again. Some people think it's a depressing colour but I love it.
I'm  feeling somewhat replenished after taking a week off but it wasn't exactly the most relaxing of times but still good to do things that do not involve 'work' not that I see my job as work but you always need a break from even what you love every now and then.

So to give you all an update on my exceptionally exciting life, the past week consisted of the following..

Along with much required mental de-cluttering I took several trips to the dump AKA 'recycling centre' for some long overdue house de-cluttering. Something I found strangely satisfying.

Got lots and lots of lovely sleep.

The garden is no longer a jungle. I got rid of the evil chestnut tree in the middle of my lawn - the ugliest tree you have ever seen - I think it was diseased. Now I can see all the way to the end of the garden and I didn't realize it was so long! I had a great time with the chainsaw and now have a huge mountain of garden 'debris' - not sure what else to call it. 

I familiarized myself with WD40 I have never used it before and it's amazing stuff. I sprayed my front gate with it and it now no longer squeaks - I also took it upon myself to spray my neighbours gate with it too - their 'gate squeak' was even more annoying than mine.

Replaced nearly all of the light bulbs in my house - it was getting silly I would have been working by candlelight if I hadn't done something about it pronto. That was a boring job trying to find all the matching light-bulbs. I must have spent about an hour in the shop trying to pick the correct ones. I got it a little bit wrong to be honest. I have two chandelier style light fittings that are now blasting out the most intense light - it's almost blinding, I reckon I must have chosen the wrong wattage or something but at least I can see what I am doing now - looking on the bright side ;)

I also got to spend some time with my friends and family and did some babysitting. I had a lovely time with my besties son Harry, he is such a sweet little kid and so wise, he told me that my house is far too big for me and that I need a nice small cozy house instead - he only turned four in April! He was apparently very exited to come to 'Auntie Rosey's' house but I think it was due to my niece coming to play too.

Went to the MK vintage fair after having to rush back to my best friends house en-route as her husband was panic stricken due to their dogs being 'stuck together' luckily the situation rectified itself naturally and no vet assistance was required! I wonder if there will be any puppies coming along soon.
I bought myself an awesome 18th century Naval chest with my initial on it. I have always loved anything to do with old ships and the sea I just had to have it.

I will definitely have some new wedding invitations in the shop (lots of ideas brewing) by the end of June so I will keep you updated on those as and when I add them to the shop.