Tuesday, 28 May 2013

serenity: scandinavian style

a little bit of scandanavian style goes a long way in creating a bit of peace and tranquility. which is much needed right now.

i need to get the white paint out again, there is still a lot of work to do in my house and it's not going to do itself. i decided to 'allow' myself an actual day off today and found a lovely new shop near where i live and it is full of amazing interior stuff. i should have taken some pictures as it's so lovely in there. they had the most amazing ginormous deer (at least i think it was meant to be a deer?) statue in there that was made of wicker or something like that - it definitely wouldn't fit in my house it was literally well over 10ft high (maybe it's meant for in the garden?) i will take a picture next time i am in there which no doubt wont be long, i have never seen anything like it before! 
i bought a few nick nacks there for my bedroom re-do which is happening this weekend - about time. i really can't be bothered with the whole wallpaper stripping malarkey that will have to take place before the fun begins. the lovely people that lived here before (or probably before them for that matter) decided to wallpaper every single square inch of the whole house - including the ceilings. let's hope the whole ceiling doesn't come down on my head in the process.

i assure you the next house i will eventually live in will be new, no maintenance and there will be absolutely no work to do - ever. oh yes and it will have a tiny ideally non-grass garden.  i had a wonderful time tackling my jungle yesterday - it took four hours to strim, rake, hoover, and then mow about ten times over to get it looking normal again. i have much better things to be spending my time on!!

which reminds me - i will be uploading a new library card template for you to download as i have had quite a few of you requesting a new one as the download link from the past post is no longer working - so i will be posting that soon.

i will also be posting my photo taking and editing tutorial very soon as i have had a few requests for that from you - my lovely readers and now i have downloaded some screen capture software i can take some snapshots of the screen as i edit the photos so it will make it much easier to follow.

after all that, i think a little holiday is required!


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