Tuesday, 7 May 2013

hair inspiration: messy hair

i'm getting my hair done this week and i thought i would create a bit of an 'inspiration board' here for my hairdresser to have a look at. i have decided that i'm going to keep my hair long. i was considering a bob again as i know they really suit me but i want to grow my hair long again as i haven't really had it that long since i was really young and if there are plenty of layers it should look ok. the other good thing about having longer hair is that i can rely on the good old 'croydon facelift' when i am having one of my 'i look my age days'! although ladies - don't do it too often apparently it can make your face saggy and we don't want that!

i have decided that i am going to get some highlights too. i have never had them before which is ridiculous really and i also want something more layered and messy looking. i could definitely do with a change. i am so bored with having straight hair. it's actually wavy naturally so it will save me a lot of time with the constant daily straightening that takes place at the moment.

in other (more relevant) news :) i have been working on a 'wedding stationery checklist' which i am hoping to post later this week. it will be pretty comprehensive guide and will hopefully be really useful. it will detail all of the different options out there for wedding stationery and also important information on timescales, etiquette etc..

also don't forget if you are planning a wedding and are able to get there, the Etsy Wedding Event is taking place on Saturday May 11th - if you can go along you will get a ton of inspiration. there is a button that i have added on the right hand side - click on there and it will take you to where you can book tickets.

i will be adding the special 15% discount code - 
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pictures via pinterest