Tuesday, 2 April 2013

rustic weddings: wood

rustic weddings are a huge deal at the moment and i can see why. any excuse for a good old knees up in an old barn hey? lots of people are choosing to have their nuptials in the woods - i have always loved the woods and when there is added candlelight to add a bit of atmosphere what could be better? 

tips for adding the rustic touch to your wedding
- wooden tea-light holders
- old wooden crates and boxes for props 
- loving the wood block cake stands - makes even the simplest of cakes look amazing
- for outside weddings bring your own wooden furniture (or borrow from friends) and mix and match to your hearts content to create a really eclectic look
- use wild flowers to blend in with a woodsy themed wedding. put them in old mason jars or wooden pots
- add plenty of candles and strung lights for ambiance
- stick to neutral fabrics such as burlap, hemp, cotton, vintage sack material etc to tie in the look
- add colour with flowers - pinks, greens, neutrals and yellows really suit the rustic look
- the good thing about rustic weddings is they needn't cost a fortune. once you have your venue sorted you can get a lot of the styling props, crockery, candle holders from salvage yards, car boots and your own or friends and family's homes. if you have a friend who owns a farm/estate - even better! but if not you could always have the reception in your own home if you have a decent sized garden.
- to add the extra touches to your rustic theme try adding old wooden doors, vintage picture frames, candelabras and chandeliers, old fireplaces, vintage bikes, old jars and bottles, vintage sewing machines, Bakelite telephones, vintage typewriters. your local salvage yard will have lots to choose from and if you buy in bulk you will get a discount.


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