Sunday, 21 April 2013

monday musings

hope you all had a lovely weekend?
i made the most of the fantastic weather with a trip to st.neots and some people watching - one of my favourite things to do. and i got to catch up with some friends i haven't seen for a while.
we ended up looking at the moon and the stars - it always makes me feel so small and my worries so insignificant. the more you look at the sky the more you see and the more stars that appear. it makes me think about the limitless possibilities we have and to not be so fed up when things don't turn out how we had planned. there is always something better just around the corner.

where i live it's really good for stargazing as i am so close to the countryside. i didn't know how beautiful the sky could be at night until i moved here, having only lived in large towns and cities before. i have even seen a quite a few shooting stars from my garden and i like to see it as a sign that something really good is going to happen.


images via pinterest