Friday, 12 April 2013

happy/strange friday!

i am very happy to say that my confetti bags are currently featured on the Etsy blog
Kate Hornby, Art Director from You and Your Wedding Magazine chose it to be included in her guest curated blog post with some other black and white wedding inspired items. 
i am well chuffed :)

on a completely different subject and a rather strange one at that, i saw today that my car has miraculously obtained a new aerial. i have absolutely no idea how it got there or who put it there. i haven't had one for about a year since it was yanked off by some delightful local critters. 
i wish whoever it was would stick some hub caps back on for me too. they keep being nicked and i have given up replacing them now. i wonder if it is my neighbour who keeps bringing me fudge (?)

have a lovely weekend!


P.S hello to my lovely Nan who now reads my blog on her kindle fire ! :) xxx

image from Etsy