Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Brilliant Imagery

I recently had the pleasure of making some custom confetti bags for a lovely lady photographer called Rachel Garcia of Brilliant Imagery She is an amazing photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been photographing many happy wedding couples for the past eight years. 
Her photography is so varied and unique and it is clear that she really does get to know her clients very well and ensures their personalities are clearly reflected in the photographs she takes. 
Below are some of my favourites (of the many favourites I have) from her website gallery.
So atmospheric and really captures the theme and styling of the wedding.
I love the fun element in these pictures - and the brides outfit!
Beautiful detail / styling shots
And finally the confetti bags I customized for Rachel. They are such a good idea aren't they? - she will be sending these out to her clients. As I have said before - my customers really do come out with the best ideas - most likely because they are so awesome!

If you are in the Las Vegas, Nevada area please be sure to get in touch with Rachel. Take a look at what her happy customers have to say here. As you can see she has a very varied range of photography styles so she is sure to be able to cater for your every wish!

Thanks Rachel for having me create these confetti bags for you. It's such a thrill to know that your clients will be receiving my little creations - all the way from good old 'Blighty'