Friday, 8 March 2013

x x For My Mum x x

as it's Mothers day on Sunday i am dedicating this post to my beautiful Mum.
she really should have been a model - she definitely had the looks for it (still does!) but she chose to be a Mum instead - luckily for my brother sister and me!

the top picture was from before she had us lot (i think) and the other one is her with me as a baby. she looks a bit fed up in that one - i was a massive baby weighing at just under ten pounds so she was probably really tired! luckily she had 8 years to recover before she had my sister - she was eleven pound something - poor mum!

she has always been there for me whenever i have needed her and more so in this last year than ever. i am so grateful to still have her. there was a time when i thought i would lose her but luckily she is a strong as an ox - she is a Taurus after all - and she has always pulled through and managed to spring back to her youthful amazing looking self. luckily i have her genes -  so i am hoping that i end up looking as young as she does when i am her age (which is still young of course!) then i will be a very happy lady!

she has had more than her fair share of drama and heartbreak in her life too - if she wrote a book on it you wouldn't believe it - seriously! but she always stayed strong for me and my siblings. she protected us like a lioness does her cubs.

my Mum is also responsible for my love for Kate Bush. my uncle remembers Mum playing her music into her belly when i was in there!

i know some people who no longer have their Mothers in their lives. i understand for those people that Sunday will be a difficult day for them but it will also be a day to remember all the happy memories too.

thank you Mum for looking after me so well - especially in recent months. 
Love you more than words can say 

Your Roseanna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx