Thursday, 28 March 2013

work space heaven

sorry for the lack of postings this week. i am just too busy at the moment... what is it that they say 'be careful what you wish for'! 
no, to be honest i am very exited about it as i have always wanted this for myself and it's great to have so many lovely customers and i love the custom orders that i get because it gives me a chance to be that little bit more creative.

however that isn't to say that i am not seriously in need of some down time! hopefully at some point over the bank holiday i will get some.

i am loving the above work-spaces.  i am now currently based in my dining room which used to be used for entertaining purposes - entertaining, what is that again? whatever it is i must do it again sometime! 
anyway, it's way bigger than the tiny room i had upstairs but it is just as messy as that room was, even though it's about three times bigger. i just can't seem to work in an organised tidy way - i always seem to be buried in stuff! i guess that's just me.

i am hoping in the future to have something like the picture fourth down with lots of amazing designers happily churning out lots of design awesomeness!

i hope you all at least get to have some nice relaxing time over the Easter Bank Holiday. i have observed that Easter Sunday is always sunny - here's hoping this Sunday will be no different :)


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