Sunday, 3 March 2013


well, i don't quite know where i found the time but i managed to do a full re-branding. so i have managed to tick one of the things of my list for this year already. 

i thought it was quite fitting that i re-brand now seeing as i am going through a bit of a re-branding myself. 

i guess i am not the same person that i was six months ago. many of the people around me that know me well say that my personality is almost completely different - in a good way (hope they aren't just being nice and think i have turned into a total cow!). i am actually pretty happy with how i have changed but i still badly wish i hadn't had to go through this whole 'process' and could go back to the old me and my old life again. but i can't and i have to keep moving on. 

i'm quite pleased with the new logo etc. i needed something a bit more cohesive and design led. i am also going to get some professional photos done of me soon too to finish it all off and to add to my about page on esty - which is well overdue! 

i will be adding more items to the shop soon once i get all of my orders fulfilled - and there are a few. it's a catch 22 sometimes with this business. i need to keep adding new items to keep the shop looking fresh and interesting but at the same time i need to process orders. it's all a learning curve and i am sure i will get organized and into a more productive pattern soon enough.

i am sending my first ever order to Taiwan today - i have never posted there before but i am sure it will be fine. it's so nice to know my creations are being used in weddings all over the world :)


above image via Johna Gunderman via pinterest