Thursday, 14 March 2013

it's a girl!

i had the pleasure of going with my lovely sister to her final baby scan today and we found out that she is having a girl! i was totally wrong about it being a boy then! but we are all delighted because she is very healthy and she will no doubt be as beautiful as her big sister Lilly. 

i still remember clear as this day when my sisters dad woke me up in the middle of the night and told me that 'it's a girl!' - i am ashamed to say that all i could think about was the fact that i had to now share my room with her! how terrible of me! but hey i was only 8 so i forgive myself. i hope that Lilly and her little sister have such an amazingly close relationship as i do with my little sister - it's something that i will always be thankful for.

i am going to be Kelly's birthing partner too so that's quite exiting although a bit nerve racking - i can't even bring myself to watch that 'one born every minute' but i am going have to start! i am sure it will be a wonderful experience and i feel very privileged to be there at the birth of our next family member. i am so looking forward to it and it will make a change from our last hospital experiences. this whole family seriously needs some happiness for a change rather than the awful tragedies we have had to suffer over the last couple of years.

my sister is naming her Ella Robyn Reid. she has given her the middle name of Robyn as that was my husbands favorite girls name. i know that he would have been really happy with that.

the above picture was taken by Shaun when he was babysitting Lilly one day. she always had a great time with her 'Uncle Shauny' he loved her to pieces and i know he will be looking down on her and her new baby sister always.