Thursday, 28 March 2013

work space heaven

sorry for the lack of postings this week. i am just too busy at the moment... what is it that they say 'be careful what you wish for'! 
no, to be honest i am very exited about it as i have always wanted this for myself and it's great to have so many lovely customers and i love the custom orders that i get because it gives me a chance to be that little bit more creative.

however that isn't to say that i am not seriously in need of some down time! hopefully at some point over the bank holiday i will get some.

i am loving the above work-spaces.  i am now currently based in my dining room which used to be used for entertaining purposes - entertaining, what is that again? whatever it is i must do it again sometime! 
anyway, it's way bigger than the tiny room i had upstairs but it is just as messy as that room was, even though it's about three times bigger. i just can't seem to work in an organised tidy way - i always seem to be buried in stuff! i guess that's just me.

i am hoping in the future to have something like the picture fourth down with lots of amazing designers happily churning out lots of design awesomeness!

i hope you all at least get to have some nice relaxing time over the Easter Bank Holiday. i have observed that Easter Sunday is always sunny - here's hoping this Sunday will be no different :)


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Friday, 22 March 2013

style your day photo shoot

here are the photos from my little collaboration with Sophie from Style Your Day.

Sophie offers bespoke wedding styling for weddings. she basically takes your inspiration and turns it into reality. she offers packages for all kinds of venues and with her amazing sense of style she can turn any venue into an elegant setting for your big day. 

this is our first photo shoot together and it had a 'vintage tea party' theme - which seems to be a trend that is going to stay for a while. Sophie hires out all the crockery, venues props and centerpieces. with her vast array of goodies you are sure to find the perfect props to suit your wedding theme.

we couldn't photograph outside unfortunately as it was so flippin' cold and grey - whats new. so i had to play around with the images in good old picasa but they turned out OK. 

i brought along my trusty typewriter which weighs a ton. we had to put it on top of a box because it would have damaged Sophies lovely table. i must say Sophie's house is so beautiful and she has so many gorgeous styling props that i just wanted to take home with me! the bottom picture is her stunning photo frame easel that she hires out that is ideal for table plans. the dog doesn't come with it - unfortunately.

if you are looking for an incredibly talented wedding stylist and you are based in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas please contact -

Sophie Fairless at Style Your Day 

she is a really lovely lady and is a joy to work with she offers packages to suit all budgets and venues so please get in touch with her. 

i have got so many other ideas for more photo shoots and i am thinking some friends will need to be roped in for those and ideally a much better photographer than me!

here is a link to a really amazing photo shoot set up by an Ireland based wedding styling duo called Pearl and Godiva that my stationery was featured in quite a while ago - i wish we could do something like that next time but i think i will need to expand my contact list a bit more first. that venue is stunning.

here is a video from Best Day Productions that was taken from the photo shoot. there is some great vintage wedding inspiration in there. 



my gorgeous 'baby' sister turns 25 today. 

it's funny how relationships change as people grow. i remember me and my brother babysitting her and dealing with her tantrums when she didn't have her favourite Disney video put on or if her 'blankie' wasn't cold enough we used to have to put it in the freezer to make it cold for her and if it wasn't cold enough all hell would break lose!

now she has her own daughter with her own 'blankie' and another one on the way.

i am so proud of how my sister has turned out. she is kind, loyal, loving and feisty! she usually says what she thinks and is very honest - which i admire in her. but she has a huge heart and gets things done when they need to be done. the tables turned recently and she was more like my big sister to me which i am so thankful for. she did things for me that most people would have run a mile from.

she is always there to talk to - and we can talk - for hours about absolutely anything - mostly random ridiculous things but time always goes so quickly. if one of us is in a bad mood we will have completely forgotten what we were in a mood about within minutes.

she is the best sister i could have ever wished for.
i love you so much Kelly! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


p.s 'Style Your Day' photo shoot post coming later.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

gold wedding cakes

i'm sorry - i just had to put those lyrics in there - couldn't help myself!
i am loving these gold wedding cakes - you can't really go wrong with gold at a wedding can you?

thanks to all of you who commented here and on my fb, twitter etc re. my last post
it looks like number 1 is the favourite but i still can't make up my mind. it's not my fault i'm a typical indecisive libra but once i make up my mind it's made up for good. so hopefully no more silly profile switching!

if you were one of those who commented and 'liked' etc. on that post don't forget to use the discount code PROFILEPICS15 when you visit my shop :)

image credits
1. my luscious life
2. connie cupcake
3. style unveiled
4. connie cupcake 
5. project wedding
6. a flower story
7. pam jackson
8. taina suomalainen 


Thursday, 14 March 2013

it's a girl!

i had the pleasure of going with my lovely sister to her final baby scan today and we found out that she is having a girl! i was totally wrong about it being a boy then! but we are all delighted because she is very healthy and she will no doubt be as beautiful as her big sister Lilly. 

i still remember clear as this day when my sisters dad woke me up in the middle of the night and told me that 'it's a girl!' - i am ashamed to say that all i could think about was the fact that i had to now share my room with her! how terrible of me! but hey i was only 8 so i forgive myself. i hope that Lilly and her little sister have such an amazingly close relationship as i do with my little sister - it's something that i will always be thankful for.

i am going to be Kelly's birthing partner too so that's quite exiting although a bit nerve racking - i can't even bring myself to watch that 'one born every minute' but i am going have to start! i am sure it will be a wonderful experience and i feel very privileged to be there at the birth of our next family member. i am so looking forward to it and it will make a change from our last hospital experiences. this whole family seriously needs some happiness for a change rather than the awful tragedies we have had to suffer over the last couple of years.

my sister is naming her Ella Robyn Reid. she has given her the middle name of Robyn as that was my husbands favorite girls name. i know that he would have been really happy with that.

the above picture was taken by Shaun when he was babysitting Lilly one day. she always had a great time with her 'Uncle Shauny' he loved her to pieces and i know he will be looking down on her and her new baby sister always.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013


yes! the sun is out today which means that i should be able to take some awesome pictures with Sophie at our little 'photoshoot' today - more details on that coming soon. 
let's hope the sun does actually stay out though as knowing me i will be taking lots and lots of pictures so i need him to play fair today!

i am loving the yellow theme of these weddding styling images via lavish floral and gifts


Monday, 11 March 2013


i wish this was my bed and i wish that i could stay in it all day.
never mind!

image via manika welchel


Friday, 8 March 2013

x x For My Mum x x

as it's Mothers day on Sunday i am dedicating this post to my beautiful Mum.
she really should have been a model - she definitely had the looks for it (still does!) but she chose to be a Mum instead - luckily for my brother sister and me!

the top picture was from before she had us lot (i think) and the other one is her with me as a baby. she looks a bit fed up in that one - i was a massive baby weighing at just under ten pounds so she was probably really tired! luckily she had 8 years to recover before she had my sister - she was eleven pound something - poor mum!

she has always been there for me whenever i have needed her and more so in this last year than ever. i am so grateful to still have her. there was a time when i thought i would lose her but luckily she is a strong as an ox - she is a Taurus after all - and she has always pulled through and managed to spring back to her youthful amazing looking self. luckily i have her genes -  so i am hoping that i end up looking as young as she does when i am her age (which is still young of course!) then i will be a very happy lady!

she has had more than her fair share of drama and heartbreak in her life too - if she wrote a book on it you wouldn't believe it - seriously! but she always stayed strong for me and my siblings. she protected us like a lioness does her cubs.

my Mum is also responsible for my love for Kate Bush. my uncle remembers Mum playing her music into her belly when i was in there!

i know some people who no longer have their Mothers in their lives. i understand for those people that Sunday will be a difficult day for them but it will also be a day to remember all the happy memories too.

thank you Mum for looking after me so well - especially in recent months. 
Love you more than words can say 

Your Roseanna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

black and white

i have always loved the black and white look. i'm quite into the idea of a black feature wall and then having all the other walls white.i have never been keen on 'feature' walls but i think it might look quite cool in black. i think i will try that in my conservatory as it's always light in there so i think i could get away with it.

the only thing is - why can't everything else in life be a bit more black and white!

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Sunday, 3 March 2013


well, i don't quite know where i found the time but i managed to do a full re-branding. so i have managed to tick one of the things of my list for this year already. 

i thought it was quite fitting that i re-brand now seeing as i am going through a bit of a re-branding myself. 

i guess i am not the same person that i was six months ago. many of the people around me that know me well say that my personality is almost completely different - in a good way (hope they aren't just being nice and think i have turned into a total cow!). i am actually pretty happy with how i have changed but i still badly wish i hadn't had to go through this whole 'process' and could go back to the old me and my old life again. but i can't and i have to keep moving on. 

i'm quite pleased with the new logo etc. i needed something a bit more cohesive and design led. i am also going to get some professional photos done of me soon too to finish it all off and to add to my about page on esty - which is well overdue! 

i will be adding more items to the shop soon once i get all of my orders fulfilled - and there are a few. it's a catch 22 sometimes with this business. i need to keep adding new items to keep the shop looking fresh and interesting but at the same time i need to process orders. it's all a learning curve and i am sure i will get organized and into a more productive pattern soon enough.

i am sending my first ever order to Taiwan today - i have never posted there before but i am sure it will be fine. it's so nice to know my creations are being used in weddings all over the world :)


above image via Johna Gunderman via pinterest