Friday, 15 February 2013

where did this week go?

well, it's friday again and the week has flown by. 
i woke up this morning to some sunshine (!) which was lovely and especially lovely was the fact that i had had the most amazing sleep ever so i am feeling very jolly this morning.

i am loving the neon look right now even though it's probably a bit last year - or the year before even but i don't care. i love these crystal earrings by shourouk they cost around £300. i've got some a bit like that but they're bright orange (and they weren't £300!)

i have been having some mildly irritating internet issues - especially last night so i could't get on with what i needed to do and i have customers patiently waiting for some proofs so i had best get on with that while the internet is working properly. i pay for the fastest internet i can get and it still slows down at 'peak times' - never mind.

once i am done with my proofs. i am going to see my sister later for a spray job - she's a beauty therapist - which is lucky for me :) i seriously need it - the SA tan is now fading fast and i am sorry but when it comes to me - pale is not interesting, i look so much better with a tan even if it is fake.  

below i have added some of my favourite songs of the week for you.

have a lovely weekend!