Thursday, 7 February 2013


i love my dog but she is terrible when it comes to getting her to let me take photos - she is such a diva. i'm smiling through gritted teeth here she just wouldn't keep still and she will not look into the camera no matter how hard you doesn't look like she was having much fun to be honest! i know photos of her go down well here and on facebook (p.s please 'like' if you haven't already!) so i will keep adding more anyway. i just thought it would be nice to have some of me and her. in the 9 years i have had her i don't think i have any pictures of us together!

things have been a bit crazy around here lately what with an influx of orders and many other things going on so posts have been a bit sporadic of late but i will be posting pics of the wedding expo at Milton Keynes and all the lovely people i met there shortly!