Monday, 25 February 2013

OTT real housewives of Beverley Hills wedding

 Lisa Vanderpump (i want to be her when i grow up) with her daughters wedding planner kevin lee this man has got the best job in the world. he gets his clients to spend as much money as possible (reportedly close to 1 million dollars for this one) and he gets a percentage of everything they spend - so the more they spend the more he earns!
 lisa vanderpump and her daughter pandora vanderpump with the bridesmaids (yes, that is their real names)
part of the cake. i think it cost $9000 - not as much as i  was expecting actually
the wedding invitations cost £20,000 altogether and that doesn't include menus, place cards etc.. i am definitely thinking a move to LA is on the cards for me now!

my current reality tv fad - the real housewives of beverley hills culminated in one of the most OTT weddings i have ever seen. this was the wedding of Lisa Vanderpump's lucky daughter Pandora. it looks like she really did marry a lovely guy so it was quite a sweet wedding really. there was a little too much pink for my liking but the alter was amazing and the flowers and candles etc.. were beautiful.