Tuesday, 26 February 2013

neutral pins of the week

after all of that pink yesterday i am in need of a bit of neutralization! above are some of my favourite neutral pins from pinterest.

i really wasn't feeling too well yesterday so i spent most of the day in bed watching tv which is extremely depressing as i seem to hate watching tv now - i have to be really in the mood. it feels like such a waste of life - especially now that real housewives has finished - saddo!

it got me thinking about some of the things i would like to do this year. i think writing them down is always a good idea as it makes you a bit more accountable.

- sort out my banner / logo - it's really really dull right now
- learn to surf with a proper instructor. i love being in the water and to actually be able to surf properly has always been a goal of mine
- go to new york with bestie 
- redecorate bedroom - top of the list
- do something risky like jump out of an aeroplane or something
- finally take the plunge and get some highlights
- get noticed by some of the big wedding blogs
- at least double my etsy sales
- look better physically and carry on being as healthy as i possibly can be in order to have the energy to do the things i want to do - and it's always nice to look good!
- lots more blog followers would be nice too ;)

talking of blogs please check out my bestie Becca's new blog. she is just started out with her blog so some nice comments wouldn't go amiss - that reminds me - i should leave one too!