Thursday, 28 February 2013

the best kind of therapy

i had a really lovely day today. i went to Bicester Outlet Village. i have never been there before. if i knew it was like a mini america i would have gone sooner. i blew most of my budget straight away in Ralph Lauren. i got exactly what i was looking for which was nice but to be honest i am usually quite lucky on shopping trips. what was even better was that one of my colleagues had a 40% discount voucher as he spends so much in there so i made good use of that! there is something incredibly satisfying about buying stuff - it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! we had lunch here too - the food was lovely and not too naughty which is always good. i would definitely recommend it if you get to go there.
i must say shopping is definitely like therapy to me - i should do it more often!

i wont be doing my usual friday post tomorrow as there is too much going on so here is an early 'happy weekend'!


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

neutral pins of the week

after all of that pink yesterday i am in need of a bit of neutralization! above are some of my favourite neutral pins from pinterest.

i really wasn't feeling too well yesterday so i spent most of the day in bed watching tv which is extremely depressing as i seem to hate watching tv now - i have to be really in the mood. it feels like such a waste of life - especially now that real housewives has finished - saddo!

it got me thinking about some of the things i would like to do this year. i think writing them down is always a good idea as it makes you a bit more accountable.

- sort out my banner / logo - it's really really dull right now
- learn to surf with a proper instructor. i love being in the water and to actually be able to surf properly has always been a goal of mine
- go to new york with bestie 
- redecorate bedroom - top of the list
- do something risky like jump out of an aeroplane or something
- finally take the plunge and get some highlights
- get noticed by some of the big wedding blogs
- at least double my etsy sales
- look better physically and carry on being as healthy as i possibly can be in order to have the energy to do the things i want to do - and it's always nice to look good!
- lots more blog followers would be nice too ;)

talking of blogs please check out my bestie Becca's new blog. she is just started out with her blog so some nice comments wouldn't go amiss - that reminds me - i should leave one too!


Monday, 25 February 2013

OTT real housewives of Beverley Hills wedding

 Lisa Vanderpump (i want to be her when i grow up) with her daughters wedding planner kevin lee this man has got the best job in the world. he gets his clients to spend as much money as possible (reportedly close to 1 million dollars for this one) and he gets a percentage of everything they spend - so the more they spend the more he earns!
 lisa vanderpump and her daughter pandora vanderpump with the bridesmaids (yes, that is their real names)
part of the cake. i think it cost $9000 - not as much as i  was expecting actually
the wedding invitations cost £20,000 altogether and that doesn't include menus, place cards etc.. i am definitely thinking a move to LA is on the cards for me now!

my current reality tv fad - the real housewives of beverley hills culminated in one of the most OTT weddings i have ever seen. this was the wedding of Lisa Vanderpump's lucky daughter Pandora. it looks like she really did marry a lovely guy so it was quite a sweet wedding really. there was a little too much pink for my liking but the alter was amazing and the flowers and candles etc.. were beautiful.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

/ / shop update / /

just added to the shop - vintage hot air balloon wedding invitations. ideal for vintage themed / traditional weddings.

also on the sepia smiles front i am so glad that i helped exhibit at the recent Milton Keynes wedding show. i managed to make some very valuable contacts in the industry including Sophie at Style Your Day. myself and Sophie will be working together on some upcoming weddings soon and i will be posting about Sophie along with some pics from the ensuing photo shoots - i am so looking forward to that. i think the photography / editing aspect of what i do is definitely my favorite. perhaps i should have become a photographer instead!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

shop update

i have just listed these in the shop. vintage hot air balloon sequin confetti bags. can be personalized into save the dates and bridesmaid / maid of honour invitations - an idea i got from a customer recently - which i think is really good one. colours and fonts are all customizable. these go with the new vintage balloon invites that are coming soon too.

check these out over in the shop

hope you had a good weekend,


Friday, 15 February 2013

where did this week go?

well, it's friday again and the week has flown by. 
i woke up this morning to some sunshine (!) which was lovely and especially lovely was the fact that i had had the most amazing sleep ever so i am feeling very jolly this morning.

i am loving the neon look right now even though it's probably a bit last year - or the year before even but i don't care. i love these crystal earrings by shourouk they cost around £300. i've got some a bit like that but they're bright orange (and they weren't £300!)

i have been having some mildly irritating internet issues - especially last night so i could't get on with what i needed to do and i have customers patiently waiting for some proofs so i had best get on with that while the internet is working properly. i pay for the fastest internet i can get and it still slows down at 'peak times' - never mind.

once i am done with my proofs. i am going to see my sister later for a spray job - she's a beauty therapist - which is lucky for me :) i seriously need it - the SA tan is now fading fast and i am sorry but when it comes to me - pale is not interesting, i look so much better with a tan even if it is fake.  

below i have added some of my favourite songs of the week for you.

have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

shop update

more VPP's are now in the shop :)


mums holistic salon

My lovely Mum - Julie runs her own holistic salon in Rushden which only opened last year but is already getting a loyal following.
Trust me when I say this - she really has got healing hands! Her treatments are so relaxing and they make you feel amazing for days.
She offers all kinds of holistic therapies such as hot stone massage (my favourite!), Swedish massage, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, acupressure, natural face lift, luxury 24k gold facial and lots more.

My sister Kelly is a beauty therapist and was also at the salon but as she now has another little one on the way she is doing only mobile treatments. She is an expert with spray tanning - I am a self confessed addict since my teens so I know all about fake tan and I can tell you that she if very good! no stripy white marks when she is finished with you - just a lovely deep natural looking tan. Kelly also does nails, waxing etc, eyelash/eyebrow tinting and lots more. If you are interested in any treatments from her please contact me.

Mums salon is based quite close to Rushden town centre but just far enough away to be nice, quiet and relaxing.









Hand in Hand Therapies

35 York Road
NN10 0LB
01933 778046


The salon also offers wedding/bridal packages and home parties and salon parties for birthdays,hen-do's, work do's etc.
Please go and visit if you are in the area or contact her on the above links - she will love hearing from you!


p.s hello to the new followers!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Milton Keynes Wedding Show

 my favorite stall - the lovely ladies from - A Little Taste of Vintage
 another gorgeous stall by the amazing make up artist - Caroline owner of powder and glow 
cars for hire and live music
catwalk show - the lady in the blue and white dress was so much fun!

 our stall - my bestie becca is chatting to one of our 'neighbours' from regardezvous bridal
some of our others 'neighbours' we all became strangely close over those three days. the top picture is a stand selling holidays from Paradise AKA the Maldives and the video was playing over and over - a bit like torture really! contact reece at invite to paradise for honeymoons in the maldives and sri lanka. 

bottom is Antonio the lovely director of Brampton Grange he is holding a wedding fair on the 24th of February he promised he will offer a (huge) plate of homemade Italian pasta and especially handpicked wine to all stall holders so it's well worth going along for that alone! contact him via the link above
 'style my day' run by the oh so glamorous - sophie fairless

the milton keynes wedding fair was really good fun. i am so glad i went. i made some excellent contacts in the wedding industry and some new friends too. i have never really done any wedding exhibits before - mainly because most of my customers have been via the internet

here is a list of links  - if you are planning a wedding in the MK, Beds, Northants,Cambs,Oxfordshire,Leicestershire area get in touch with these guys - all handpicked by me - i am picky and trust me there were a fair few stall holders there to choose from!

wedding styling - Sophie Fairless at style your day
gorgeous wedding venue - brampton grange - for the discerning customer! contact Antonio - brampton grange
amazing cakes (unfortunately i wasn't allowed to take pictures of them :( ) - run by twin brothers - hockleys cakes
toastmaster - they don't just toast the wedding couple - they help with organizing,general babysitting of guests and a shoulder to cry on if neccessary!? - his own words! contact Gary Smith - the english toastmaster
bridal make up - Caroline at powder and glow
vintage dress hire, vintage hairdressing/makeovers,bespoke cakes,antique hire - a little taste of vintage
wedding dresses - regardezvous bridal flitwick
honeymoons - invite to paradise for bespoke honeymoons in the maldives and sri-lanka
caterers - and of course please contact touch of class catering for all of your wedding catering needs be it full sit down, hog roast, vintage tea, buffet - your wish is their command!
wedding stationery - well hopefully you will know by now to contact moi!

have a great weekend - i will mostly be cleaning my poor neglected home (which i am sad to say i enjoy!) and catching up with my wonderful friends and long lost family!