Friday, 25 January 2013


thank God it's friday - what a week! i am knackered however lots of lovely things happened this week  and i am feeling very privileged and exited right now for two reasons.
firstly i got to take my sister for her second baby scan and it was amazing. i have never seen one before and i didn't realize babies measuring only 6.5 cm could move and wriggle as much as they do! i can't wait for him to be born (we don't know if he is a boy yet but i can't call him 'it' and i am convinced he will be a boy anyway - i am usually right) Roll on August 1st - or thereabouts..
she did say that i could post the scan picture to my blog and i was going to as i am so proud but then i changed my mind when i thought about how other people sometimes post their baby scan pictures to facebook/blogs etc.. and it always kind of creeped me out in an 'is nothing sacred anymore?' kind of way - so i didn't.

secondly i am very honored to be asked to be Godmother to my friend Hannah's gorgeous baby girl Enzie. it is such a privilege and of course a huge responsibility but i am more than happy to oblige. she has given me some huge smiles when i have really needed them!

here are some videos from a DJ that i found on you tube called Nigel Stately - he is awesome, i love all of his mixes they are so uplifting and motivating. i always listen to music when i am working on my laptop it seems to give me some kind of divine inspiration - it's hard to explain but it does! 


top picture via pinterest