Wednesday, 30 January 2013

up early

i love the above quote - i have been doing a lot of 'comfort zone pushing' over the last few months that's for sure...
i am looking forward to the wedding exhibition at Milton Keynes along with my bestie this weekend - if you are planning a wedding and live in the area be sure to come along - there will be around 130 stalls so lots to look at. i still have a lot to do to get everything ready so i don't think i will be getting an early night again tonight. it doesn't help that i keep waking up at 5.09 every morning?! it's very strange - the exact same time every day. i'm usually in hibernation mode at this time of year so it's totally not like me.


above pic via Positive Energy on Pinterest

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

i love south africa part III

ok, i am pretty sure this will be the final post about my South Africa holiday - i thought i would save the best ones till last.


p.s they didn't do a very good job of the tinsel on that Christmas tree!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Lilly poo

my beautiful niece Lilly. she is such a treasure. she is so full of life and fun and of course the odd tantrum but not so much these days thankfully! she loves Olly Murs and when she goes to bed she says that she will dream about him! - the heart melts.
she is very exited about her new sibling and also very protective already. she keeps on telling her mummy to not walk around too much as it will make the baby tired! 
i love this child so much.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

back in the shop - vintage paper packs

i have more vintage paper packs now listed in the shop. they are even better than the last ones and contain all kinds on ephemera for your craft projects, wedding decor etc..
go take a look here and here 
i will be adding more soon - the light was failing me again when i took my pictures so i will add the others soon. that's one thing about this time of year that can be quite frustrating - lack of sunlight! it doesn't help that i usually take about 300 pictures per listing so no wonder it takes me so long and before i know it it's getting dark. never mind the days are definitely getting shorter and it was so nice to have a little bit of sunshine this weekend too.


Friday, 25 January 2013


thank God it's friday - what a week! i am knackered however lots of lovely things happened this week  and i am feeling very privileged and exited right now for two reasons.
firstly i got to take my sister for her second baby scan and it was amazing. i have never seen one before and i didn't realize babies measuring only 6.5 cm could move and wriggle as much as they do! i can't wait for him to be born (we don't know if he is a boy yet but i can't call him 'it' and i am convinced he will be a boy anyway - i am usually right) Roll on August 1st - or thereabouts..
she did say that i could post the scan picture to my blog and i was going to as i am so proud but then i changed my mind when i thought about how other people sometimes post their baby scan pictures to facebook/blogs etc.. and it always kind of creeped me out in an 'is nothing sacred anymore?' kind of way - so i didn't.

secondly i am very honored to be asked to be Godmother to my friend Hannah's gorgeous baby girl Enzie. it is such a privilege and of course a huge responsibility but i am more than happy to oblige. she has given me some huge smiles when i have really needed them!

here are some videos from a DJ that i found on you tube called Nigel Stately - he is awesome, i love all of his mixes they are so uplifting and motivating. i always listen to music when i am working on my laptop it seems to give me some kind of divine inspiration - it's hard to explain but it does! 


top picture via pinterest

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

supreme wedding caterers!

i thought i would take this opportunity to mention my best friends Marcus and Becca's wedding catering company - Touch of Class Catering.

they offer amazing menus for all occasions at very competitive prices. they mainly cover weddings and corporate events but can also do buffets, kids parties etc..
they are also recommended caterers for Hinwick House Bedfordshire
they have a wide choice of menus and offer some great packages including 'vintage tea' style wedding packages that can also include handmade menus, place cards, tables plans etc. made by yours truly.

they will be at the Milton Keynes Wedding Show Middleton Hall, thecentre:mk on the 1st 2nd and 3rd February 2013.
there will be around 130 stalls so there will be a lot to look at and the admission is free and it gives you an excuse to go shopping at the same time ;)
i will be there helping out along with Becca and her mum Jane so be sure to come and say hello!

it's a lovely family run business and if you are interested in booking some wedding caterers please give Becca a call - she is the most down to earth friendly girl and she is also the most organized person i know so you will be in great hands!
01933 625466
07900 895891


top - mine
bottom - hinwick house

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

i love south africa - part II

more pics from my holiday in SA. these were taken in Cape Town and the V & A Waterfront


shop update

new - custom matchboxes messages for bridesmaid, maid of honor etc.. they hark back to the old days of my hideous 'matchbox scrapbook' creations that i can hardly believe i expected people to buy from me and even harder to believe is the fact that they actually did and quite a lot of them! oh well i think most Etsy sellers  (and often the best ones) have extreme embarrassment about their first Etsy offerings so i am in good company!

you can view these much improved versions here 

R x

Friday, 18 January 2013

snow day

check out my beauty in the snow. i think she was more exited about the kids throwing snowballs on the way home from school but hey - it still makes for some cute pictures.

by the way some interesting new things are coming to the shop soon.


happy friday

happy friday!
the impending doom aka snow has arrived and everyone is getting very exited/hysterical about it - i am not even going to think about watching the news as that is all i will hear about. you would think people would be used to a bit of snow in the height of winter by now??
it's nice to see my shandy so thrilled by it though - some pics of that coming soon...


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

shop update

i finally have this invitation design now available to purchase (en-mass preferably!)
i realize it has been about 6 months since i gave you a sneak peek but hey - good things come to those who wait.
more information here.