Monday, 17 September 2012

picture gallery

we have nearly painted the whole downstairs of our house and it is mainly...white. the reason for this is so that i can add colour with pictures and trinkets and remove them when we are ready to sell one day rather than painting walls in colours potential buyers may not approve of. 

however, i have been a bit adverse to actually hanging anything - i am not sure why - i think it may be due to the fact that all the walls are white and any nail and hammer mistakes will be clearly visible - or just because i was just too lazy to be bothered. 
anyhow, here is my first attempts at picture hanging / wall decorating and nothing terrible happened! - woo hoo! what do you think?


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

my shandy

i thought i would share this picture of my beloved dog daughter - Shandy. i adopted her from a friend when she was 6 months old - they had decided that a dog was not for them and asked if we would have her. she has been making me very happy ever since.
she is loving, loyal,cute,cuddly and full of fun. However she can be very rude to other dogs, and can have a bit of an attitude if myself and my husband don't come home till late - but she soon comes around and is very forgiving. She loves sitting at the table and looking at herself in the mirror too!


p.s Shandy does not help me with orders atall - she would love to but i am very strict about her having access to my studio and any orders! just in case you were wondering :)