Thursday, 25 August 2011

simple things - {cheap} treasure hunting

one of the simple things in life that i love to do is to rummage around charity shops and car boot sales. what i love about  thrifting is that it costs next to nothing to find really cool stuff for the home and to wear. i shop a lot in charity shops and it's nice to know that what i do spend is going to charity. i feel so satisfied when i find something i really love for a fraction of the price and for a lot of people, myself included -  it is becoming a necessity to be more thrifty with the pennies. 

my mum and sister also love thrifting and my husband has also started to enjoy visiting the local car boots. once he had gone and seen all the gadgets on offer - that was it! my sister recently found some teal (i think they are teal - or turquoise) linen palazzo trousers that were still wearing thier French (get me ;) )boutique price tag of 95 euros. my sister paid 50p for them but they weren't quite right for her so she gave them to me - i was thrilled - they fit me perfectly and are just what i was looking for to wear for a party. 

this weekend i found a cute dried flower locket from a local charity shop, it's really sweet and only cost me £2.50. i wouldn't find anything like it on the high street - let alone for £2.50. it reminds me a lot of the picture i found on one of my other treasure hunting expeditions.

two of my most treasured possessions is an my old treadle sewing machine from the 1850's and my gorgeous vintage 1930's  typewriter that my mum picked up for me from a 'reuse and recycle' shop and a vintage shop nearby. it's so great when my family are into second hand things too - we look out for things we know each other will like. 

my three thrifty shopping tips

1. if you really like it - get it. if you don't you can be sure that next time you look for it it will be gone.

2. if it isn't the right size (too big) don't worry. if the material is of good quality then it is well worth taking it to a tailor to be taken in for you.

3. make sure to visit the fabrics/home section. they will often have curtains, duvets and pillow covers at amazing prices. i bought a Laura Ashley cushion for a few pounds and a beautiful new cotton duvet set for about the same price. if you are clever with a sewing machine (or have a relative or friend that is) you can even have them make things for you to wear or for the home at a fraction of the price. you can spend a fortune in a fabric store for material that you didn't even really like.

               ALL VINTAGE SHOP                                                  NORTH BROOKLYN DRY GOOD

some links to give you some ideas and tips for your own treasure hunting - 

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my favourite vintage loving blogs

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for those of you seasoned {cheap} treasure hunters - do you have any tips for bargain hunting for second hand things?
what's your best bargain to date? 
what is the most unusual thing that you have come across or purchased? 

R x

Monday, 22 August 2011

in process

hello - hope you all have had a lovely weekend? i was able to get started on some new card designs that will be available to buy in the shop by early September along with some other cards and 'paper goods' style stuff for you to peruse - will keep you posted on those.

i am so glad that autumn is coming soon. i have enjoyed the summer but for some reason i don't ever have much inspiration during the summer months and i can feel it coming back now - phew!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

simple things : flowers

sometimes in this ever more materialistic world we inhabit it's hard not to get obsessed with success and money and having more and being more..sometimes it's overwhelming and hard not to feel that things are lacking. so, i have decided that i am going to try to focus more on the simpler (sometimes free - but always inexpensive) things.

flowers are one of those things. simple. beautiful. ethereal. and always here for us to enjoy. they don't ask for much - just a bit of water and sunlight and they will grow happily and abundantly. they don't need anything else to survive in this world.

flowers are not just lovely to look at - they have amazing healing properties too, from aromatherapy and use in medicines and body products to even healing the mind.
for some flower inspiration take a look at one of my favourite websites and some stunning wedding flowers and styling at Amy Merrick here.

find out more about the healing properties of flower remedies for all kinds of emotional states here - i often use them and they work wonders.

photo credits
collage 1 -
left style me pretty right a well travelled woman

collage 2
amy merrick

collage 3
top the sweetest occasion bottom haven vintage

collage 4
left naturalist collection right edward bach

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