Wednesday, 30 November 2011

still here

hello! how have you been? sorry i haven't been around too much of late but things have been a bit hectic around here. you know when you have so much going on and the goal you had of posting to your blog, etsy, facebook etc.. consistently ie. daily or 3 x weekly  suddenly seems like the most ridiculously unrealistic goal and in fact, an absolute impossibility. well as you all know this is what happens when life happens. things have been so hectic around here but the seas have calmed now so i will be back more regularly. thank you for all staying with me - not one of you has jumped ship. in the middle of lots of things happening i have managed to get lots some decorating done - yippee, and i will be posting details in due course. 

i love the above picture by catwalk that i found via etsy. the print is called 'adrift' i think it's the perfect image for this blog post - don't you?