Thursday, 20 October 2011

new logo & website update

you may have noticed that i have a new logo for the blog. it's a slightly fancier logo than the new one for the shops and website. what do you think of them? i was getting bored of the old logo. i still have the same font but have now added 'handmade papergoods'(as that will now be my main focus) underneith and a bit of colour for the back.
i find that i change my mind a lot when it comes to my logo and website design. i get bored so easily and never feel quite satisfied with my choice of design. especially when there is so much amazing inspiration around from other blogs and designers. do you have this problem too? how do you cope with the desire to constantly update/redesign your logo and branding? i would love to know if you have any tips for branding and being happy with your choices?

for the website i have changed the body text to typewriter font and the colours are now black, brown and beige for a warmer softer autumn/winter feel rather than the dark blue and mustard theme from before.

love to know your thought on my new designs. i am loving the branding on this popular and beautiful blog i had to force myself not to add some pink roses around the edge of my new logo!

please don't forget my birthday discount code which ends at the end of October.there, i have added some pink now ;)