Thursday, 20 October 2011

a little studio tour

 i have finally tidied up my tiny cupboard studio and took a few pics for you to see where i create my cards and invitations and of course write this blog and drool over other blogs and etsy sellers! 
above is my adjustable easel desk - it's from Ikea and is huge. it's ideal for working on as there is such a large area but the only downside is that it is a tad too big for my tiny workspace. behind my teeny tiny laptop are a couple of paintings my nan painted and gifted to me (along with many others) she is a fantastic painter. i love these because they remind me of her and really cheer me up and inspire me to keep on creating. i have two notebooks that i constantly use, one is for my all of my 'to-do's' and the other is for planning blog posts (which is kind of empty right now but wont be for much longer thanks to this). the old wooden box is a car boot find and contains my equipment such as my glue gun and paper-craft tools. i often take product pictures on here too for a more rustic effect. the Eiffel tower picture is actually a card from fellow etsy seller, Paula from Picard Creative, i received it as a thank you for ordering some of her hilarious magnets one Christmas for my girlfriends.
top left is my humble shelving unit - i think i got it from Argos and it was originally a yellow pine colour so i painted it white. i keep my card supplies, printer and mailing envelopes on here as well as my folders for various boring important bits and pieces. on the top is a white cushion i decorated with some old scarves and the rest of the scarves were used to make my makeshift blind. to the left of the cushion are some of the art dolls that i made with the help of my mum, she created all the hair and amazing clothes (they remind me of Downton Abbey) i had some children that we made and they went to a lovely home in Saudi Arabia in the end which is great. 
 my typewriter is my absolute favourite possession (a gift from my mum) and i use it all the time for adding text to my cards and and invitations quickly and easily. the ink still hasn't ran out and i have had this well over a year now. above the typewriter is my little washing line style photography area. the light here is best as it is right next to the window. i peg my cards up with the little pegs or a bull dog clip and snap away.
above left is a picture of my wonderful mum. i normally have her positioned so that she is looking at me and spurring me on to get things done. i am very lucky in the fact that she has always supported my creative endeavours and will often come round with a bag full of supplies for me to use in my projects. this picture was taken about 20 years ago when she was about a year or two older than i am now. isn't she beautiful?
i made the blind myself very quickly by sewing together two Laura Ashley scarves that i found in a charity shop (!) i then pinned it up above the window with some diamanté pins that i slotted into some holes that were already there (bonus). the fabric is so light that they hold it up really well. i then took a cut off from one of the scarves and pinned that to the left inside edge of the window so that i can tie the blind back as and when i need to. it took about and hour and half altogether.

well, that's it, my little tour is over - sorry it wasn't much but it really is a very small space. but it's my little haven really. here are some of my favourite studio tours from around the web.

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