Sunday, 16 October 2011

twelve by 2012

when i read this post from Danni from oh,hello friend i just had to participate. i don't normally get involved with challenges and swaps etc.. but as i have been meaning to get organised and get things done for ages so, i reasoned that by doing it this way (ie publicly) i may well get some things done for a change!

basically it is a challenge to get 12 things (or as Danni says 5 or 10 or whatever you feel you need - no pressure) done by 2012. i have a few things i have been meaning to accomplish and with time passing as quickly as it has been (have you noticed that?) i think by setting a goal it is going to make it a lot easier to achieve.

so, here is my list of goals to achieve by 2012

1. create more wedding invitation samples
2. list some covered notebooks in the shop
3. create a nice Halloween display for the house
4. paint the conservatory
5. get Christmas presents organised before December
6. make some more scrapbook pages for my mums album
7. strip and paint the bedroom
8. take down hideous folding door in kitchen
9. clean out kitchen cupboards 
10. blog at least 3 times a week
11. list a new item or renew an item every day in the shop
12. put everything back into the dining room dresser (it was painted yonks ago and i still haven't put everything back!!)

if you would like to participate then go over to Danni's blog for more details. i will be posting updates on my progress on the blog - that takes care of number 10!

+++if anyone else is joining in please let me know, i would love yo follow / encourage you!+++