Thursday, 22 September 2011

simple things - creature comforts

sometimes everything goes wrong (or seems to) or you get ill - like me right now laying in my bed with a nasty wisdom tooth infection. all you want to do is go home and hibernate in your nest and surround yourself with all things cosy,such as blankets,pillows and candles, your favourite movie or book. and of course lets not forget the gorging. do you ever feel the need to gorge on anything in sight in the vain hope that it will make you feel a teeny bit better? that's me. i especially like lots of tea and lots of cake. it doesn't work but at the time i feel a whole lot better.

are you like me or, do you not feel like eating when you are unwell?
do you feel incredibly sorry for yourself at being ill? i do. sometimes i feel bad that i am making such a fuss and should be grateful that it will eventually go away. that's when we need the inexpensive pleasure of cosiness to make us feel better.
if you are feeling like me or are totally fed up for whatever reason, i hope the above images will lift your spirits - especially if you are hunched over a desk at work right now.


above images

collage 1 
left - source unknown,top right - interior alchemy,bottom right - blue velvet chair

collage 2
left - tig-fashion, right - paris 2 london

collage 3
left - delly star, right - source unknown