Friday, 9 September 2011

shoppe update

i have been busy making things and updating the shoppe with the above new items. 
did you have had a good week? i have had a pretty boring one to be honest but here is a brief round-up of my activities, learnings, likes and finds -

- i love this shop that's filled with really sweet 'comfort boxes' and fantastic illustration cards and plates

- check out these clever collages 

- time definitely goes faster the older i get. it seems like only yesterday when i was dreading the big 30 and that was very nearly 2 years ago...

- not having a fringe makes my face look incredibly loooong. time for a fringe again i think.

- one good thing about getting older is that i definitely need less sleep - which is good news - more creating time!

- writing things down really helps me to get things out of my constantly churning mind and now i can do it securely online here

- i am really quite lazy sometimes but apparently it is a libran character trait so it's not really my fault...

- watched my favourite British movie again this week, Confetti. if you have not seen it you must - it's so funny

- came across this lovely song while listening to a chill out playlist on napster. this is the only online version of the song i could find and at the end it turns into another song which is annoying but you get to hear most of it.

- finally some happiness for these chimps