Thursday, 29 September 2011

nice thing to look at : etsy faves

i thought i would share with you some of my favourite etsy finds. i have so many Etsy favourites at the moment but sadly they are usually sold by the time i get a chance to buy any of them! not to worry, at least i can still look at them and share them with you.

one: bark decor
two: pink elephant jewellery
three: russian soul vintage
four: curly cue design

i especially love number four the 'Buster Cotton Patch' by curly cue design, they also have some amazing steam-punk paper doll puppets, ideal for Halloween.

this weekend i am going camping and canoeing, i can't wait, i have never been canoeing before. my husband has been several times and he loves it and i know i will too as i love anything to do with water so it should be fun. the weather here (in the UK) is incredibly warm for late September and considering we are expecting snow in October - rather bizarre, but thats British weather for you!

here are some links for you to enjoy this weekend

- a song i cannot stop listening to by Kate Bush (my favourite artist ever)i love the eerie black and white video too
- a lovely online magazine
- a new favourite blog - this lady is soo creative
- i am trying out a new nail varnish this weekend, it's baby blue - not too sure but will see how it looks with my fake tan on
- getting a much need haircut tommorow still not sure weather to go back to a bob but definitely need a fringe, my face is way too long without one!
- a london street style blog that has given me loads of new ideas 
- some nice recipes to try out soon

have a great weekend - wish me luck in the canoe...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

simple things - creature comforts

sometimes everything goes wrong (or seems to) or you get ill - like me right now laying in my bed with a nasty wisdom tooth infection. all you want to do is go home and hibernate in your nest and surround yourself with all things cosy,such as blankets,pillows and candles, your favourite movie or book. and of course lets not forget the gorging. do you ever feel the need to gorge on anything in sight in the vain hope that it will make you feel a teeny bit better? that's me. i especially like lots of tea and lots of cake. it doesn't work but at the time i feel a whole lot better.

are you like me or, do you not feel like eating when you are unwell?
do you feel incredibly sorry for yourself at being ill? i do. sometimes i feel bad that i am making such a fuss and should be grateful that it will eventually go away. that's when we need the inexpensive pleasure of cosiness to make us feel better.
if you are feeling like me or are totally fed up for whatever reason, i hope the above images will lift your spirits - especially if you are hunched over a desk at work right now.


above images

collage 1 
left - source unknown,top right - interior alchemy,bottom right - blue velvet chair

collage 2
left - tig-fashion, right - paris 2 london

collage 3
left - delly star, right - source unknown

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

shoppe update

 i have added some new collage love cards to the shoppe. they are made with vintage papers and have heart shape detailing and typewritten text. hope you like them!
 if you are in the UK and prefer browsing in pounds, please view my big cartel shoppe here.


Monday, 12 September 2011

a porcelain tale - photo shoot

a couple of months ago i  was invited to send some of my paper goods to Ireland for a photo shoot by Pearl from Pearl and Godiva - who provide vintage china hire and are also stylists for weddings, magazine shoots and press events. the resulting shoot, a collaboration between Pearl (one half of Pearl and Godiva) and Shane from Aspect Photography, was set in the stunning location of Ballynatray Estate on the Cork/Waterford border.

of course i was delighted with the prospect of having my items photographed and styled by such professionals, and was surprised to hear that my humble cards and gift tags were featured alongside such amazing talent as Bonzie (handmade clothing) and Moth and Bay Leaf (beautiful handmade accessories)to name but a few. 

100 layer cake has featured this inspirational photo shoot, plus a video of it here 

all above photos Aspect Photography - please visit the website, Shane's photography is astounding.


Friday, 9 September 2011

shoppe update

i have been busy making things and updating the shoppe with the above new items. 
did you have had a good week? i have had a pretty boring one to be honest but here is a brief round-up of my activities, learnings, likes and finds -

- i love this shop that's filled with really sweet 'comfort boxes' and fantastic illustration cards and plates

- check out these clever collages 

- time definitely goes faster the older i get. it seems like only yesterday when i was dreading the big 30 and that was very nearly 2 years ago...

- not having a fringe makes my face look incredibly loooong. time for a fringe again i think.

- one good thing about getting older is that i definitely need less sleep - which is good news - more creating time!

- writing things down really helps me to get things out of my constantly churning mind and now i can do it securely online here

- i am really quite lazy sometimes but apparently it is a libran character trait so it's not really my fault...

- watched my favourite British movie again this week, Confetti. if you have not seen it you must - it's so funny

- came across this lovely song while listening to a chill out playlist on napster. this is the only online version of the song i could find and at the end it turns into another song which is annoying but you get to hear most of it.

- finally some happiness for these chimps