Wednesday, 17 August 2011

simple things : flowers

sometimes in this ever more materialistic world we inhabit it's hard not to get obsessed with success and money and having more and being more..sometimes it's overwhelming and hard not to feel that things are lacking. so, i have decided that i am going to try to focus more on the simpler (sometimes free - but always inexpensive) things.

flowers are one of those things. simple. beautiful. ethereal. and always here for us to enjoy. they don't ask for much - just a bit of water and sunlight and they will grow happily and abundantly. they don't need anything else to survive in this world.

flowers are not just lovely to look at - they have amazing healing properties too, from aromatherapy and use in medicines and body products to even healing the mind.
for some flower inspiration take a look at one of my favourite websites and some stunning wedding flowers and styling at Amy Merrick here.

find out more about the healing properties of flower remedies for all kinds of emotional states here - i often use them and they work wonders.

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collage 1 -
left style me pretty right a well travelled woman

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amy merrick

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top the sweetest occasion bottom haven vintage

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left naturalist collection right edward bach

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