Saturday, 25 June 2011

shoppe update

i have just added some new scrapbook cards here and here. if you have not seen these before, they are greetings cards with a scrapbook album feel as they have vintage pages sewn in and have a library pocket too so they are that extra little bit special - more like a gift than a card. i can also add a personalised message to them for you with my vintage typewriter at no extra cost.

you may have noticed that i have put some of the images in my last post to good use (i can't get enough of the phrenology head diagram!)i am now a regular visitor to the graphics fairy. i also used some images i bought from piddix too. an awesomely succesful etsy seller - unsurprisingly with all of her beautiful images for us to make and sell things with. this seller is really friendly and helpful too.

i will be adding additional scrapbook cards soon along with some of my 'i love you' library cards and vintage paper packs. i must create a tutorial for these scrapbooks one day for you - they are such fun to make and there are so many possibilities with them too.


p.s hello new readers - i hope you find my posts useful and interesting!