Wednesday, 15 June 2011

nice thing to look at - 9000

i just had to share these amazing art works with you today. they are by 9000 and they have a big cartel store here . these super high quality digital art prints are so my kind of thing and incredibly clever. i wish i had the brains to create such imaginative art work. unsurprisingly both of these art works have sold out but i shall be keeping my eyes open for more. at 21.3 X 16.9 inches, a pair of these would be ideal for one of my many bare unloved walls.

while on my little web surfing exercise yesterday i also came across this other fab site that i had to share with you and it is probably the most valuable and useful blog i have come across all to date.

it's called the graphics fairy and i absolutely love it because the lovely lady - Karen, that runs the blog sources fantastic images such as clip art and vintage printables - ranging from anatomical diagrams to botanical prints to postcards and, in all manner of themes. the GREAT news is that she is more than happy for you to use any of them for FREE in your personal AND RESALE projects. also, she makes sure they are all copyright free too - so you don't have to. i don't think i can describe quite how exited i am about finding this blog. there are literally thousands of clip art downloads to choose from. no wonder she has 11,000 plus followers.

here is more info on her terms and some information about copyright - a very important subject when using vintage images for your resale projects. 

some of my favourite vintage printables from the blog -

check out this cool craft project based on the top phrenology diagram here. i SO wish i had found this site sooner!