Thursday, 19 May 2011

inspiring etsy shop - la boom!

hello chums, today i invite you to be astounded by these amazing creations available at La Boom! on etsy.

i am so exited about everything available in this shop including these shadowboxes and light boxes. i could just imagine (until the bank balance allows at least!) a whole row of these shadowboxes and light boxes on my dining room mantelpiece - they would look stunning glowing away at night time wouldn't they?

la boom! is owned by Tatiana Kontouli  and she is based in Antiparos, Cyclades Greece (sounds nice there) and along with shadowboxes and light boxes she also creates brooches, pedestals, bunting and more.. prepare to be seriously impressed.

the prices are really reasonable for the effort that clearly goes into creating these items at only £12.70 ($20) for a light box - they are a steal, there is also a spring sale on in the shop for a 10% discount take a look at her shop announcementand if that wasn't good enough she even offers international shipping - yippee!

take a look at Tatianas wonderful shop here. her blog here and her projects blog here.

R x