Tuesday, 24 May 2011

beautiful bathrooms

 statement mirrors
 classic style
 unique wall art

gold + brass tones
rustic wood + stained glass

i am always looking for unique bathroom ideas. it's probably not going to be till next year that i can finally get my bathroom how i would like it but at least looking at these pictures i can get some ideas in the meantime.

my favourite one is the bottom one followed very closely by the grey bathroom at the top - which is yours?

R x








Thursday, 19 May 2011

inspiring etsy shop - la boom!

hello chums, today i invite you to be astounded by these amazing creations available at La Boom! on etsy.

i am so exited about everything available in this shop including these shadowboxes and light boxes. i could just imagine (until the bank balance allows at least!) a whole row of these shadowboxes and light boxes on my dining room mantelpiece - they would look stunning glowing away at night time wouldn't they?

la boom! is owned by Tatiana Kontouli  and she is based in Antiparos, Cyclades Greece (sounds nice there) and along with shadowboxes and light boxes she also creates brooches, pedestals, bunting and more.. prepare to be seriously impressed.

the prices are really reasonable for the effort that clearly goes into creating these items at only £12.70 ($20) for a light box - they are a steal, there is also a spring sale on in the shop for a 10% discount take a look at her shop announcementand if that wasn't good enough she even offers international shipping - yippee!

take a look at Tatianas wonderful shop here. her blog here and her projects blog here.

R x

Monday, 16 May 2011

upmarket interiors

colourful feature wall
beautiful wooden floors
cosy fabrics
eclectic kitchen
dramatic colours
stunning colour clashing
purple, beige and black
elegant open plan

hello, hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend.
i'm back with some interiors pictures to share with you from homes for sale on Rightmove. i think a lot of these homes (from London and Edinburgh) have been professionally designed and look amazing  - but a little too elegant for my humble little home. these homes also cost an absolute fortune so are stratospherically out of my league - but, i love having a little browse every now and then and dream.. why do i torture myself like this.

pictures above (via Rightmove) from (top to bottom)

p.s hello new readers - i  really hope you enjoy stopping by :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

busy busy...

so sorry for the lack of posts this week, i promise it will be back to normal next week.  there is just got so much going on at the moment with custom orders and other projects i am working on - which of course i am happy about, but unfortunately this blog, which i absolutely love writing has had to take a back seat for now.

the off shoot of being very busy making things and 'mousing' on the computer is that i have managed to develop a nasty case of carpel tunnel syndrome in my right arm - it's horridible and if you have ever had this strange 'illness' before you will know that it does not bode well with blogging and typing things etc.. so after my orders are complete i am going to play like a pirate this weekend (gosh it feels so long away!)and take it easy - ie away from the computer and especially the nasty mouse that has caused the pain in the first place!
next week there will be plenty of blog posts and a big shop update with new cards, prints and maps so please stay with me.

i cannot wait to start creating again, don't get me wrong - i love custom orders - but i haven't created any new one off items for a while for the shop and i have loads of ideas but just no time at the moment. this is the thing with running a small creative business on your own, it's 10% creating and 90% other stuff isn't it!


Thursday, 5 May 2011

inspiring goods

check out this beautiful UK shop, The Aviary.
what i love about this shop is that they use vintage images and ephemera (which i can clearly relate to) and they turn them into amazing jewellery. 
the tin pins are such a fantastic idea, they hand cut shapes such as butterfly's and birds out of vintage tins to create beautiful brooches. you can even have them create a bespoke brooch just for you. 
be sure to take a look here - i will be keeping an eye on this shop. my personal favourite is the seaside scene brooch set - i love the colours and the seaside theme.

i was introduced to this shop by primchick from the tales from our cottage blog - she also sells lovely handmade vintage inspired goodies here.

R x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

colour burst - bed linen


today i am in the mood for some nice colourful bedlinen. as we have a daughter dog that loves to jump on our bed, the white cotton sheets are looking a little bit jaded. i do love white sheets but it's all we have ever chosen so i think it is time for a change! i saw these beauties while browsing the web and i especiallylly love the applique style above and am considering trying my hand at some applique-ing myself. i found this handy applique tutorial so you can have a look too - it actually looks quite easy.i think i will have no choice as although lovely, most of these are out of my price range. mmm.. maybe i will try it out on a cushion first and see how i get on.then if it goes well i could get a solid colour plain duvet set and create my own designs - this sounds like a plan...

ALSO i must not forget to mention my GIVEAWAY WINNER - she is the lovely Celessa. please send me your address so i can post out your goodies pronto!