Tuesday, 19 April 2011

weekend project

i made this framed collage at the weekend as a bit of a project. it didn't take long at all to create and it was super cheap too. i used one of the old frames and a couple of the stamp collecting envelopes from my february car boot visit.

to create the layout all i did was cut out a piece of cream card to fit the frame backing and then laid a strip of a vintage page about 3/5ths across and then placed a small paper doily on top of that - offset to the left and in the centre of the layout. i then had a look in my paper bits and bobs basket and found a piece of card with a page number glued onto it - i stuck that on the bottom right hand corner and then affixed the envelopes onto the top of all of that. it took about 5mins (well, a little longer as i had to clean the old glass in the frame). all in all it cost about £2.50 - not bad eh?

R x