Friday, 8 April 2011

rustic garden furniture ideas

i have been looking for some garden decorating ideas and came across some lovely images to give me some ideas too. can you believe i do not actually have any garden furniture? i mean, who hasn't got at least a table and chairs! my husband is from South Africa so he is constantly 'braai-ing' (the Afrikaans word for barbequeing)come rain or shine!which makes me even more ashamed that i havn't sorted out my garden furniture situation.
The thing that has held me back is that they are so expensive to buy new if you like the rustic/vintage/shabby chic look like me. i seriously need to go hunting for some cheap but stylish finds. i love the idea of some folding bistro style chairs (they can be packed away to keep dry when it rains) 
i would also like some lanterns in varying sizes - there's nothing quite like talking with your chums outside over candlelight (and some wine) on a late summers evening is there?
here are some ideas..
distressed painted furniture with pretty throws
rustic vintage benches piled with cushions
farmhouse style dining chairs and table

           chest of drawers                     armchairs
here are some different and cheap garden furniture ideas -

  1. paint your current furniture a different colour. who says that all garden furniture must be brown?
  2. use dining furniture in the garden. if it is extra special you will need to keep it stored away when the weather is bad to stop it distressing - unless like me, you like that look of course.
  3. take your fancy chairs out into the garden for special occasions
  4. you can even incorporate chests of drawers and dressers into the garden - especially if you have a large patio area. or pergoda. you could paint them with outside/exterior paints to protect the woodwork
  5. bistro sets look stunning in different shades of paint - especially bottle green,dark red and yellow - even better if the paint is peeling off a bit!
  6. hammocks - who wouldn't love a hammock! i just don't have two trees to hang one from :(
  7. mismatched chairs are ideal for the vintage/rustic look garden AND for the bank balance as you can pick up old chairs for next to nothing (£5 or less) at your local car boot sale. anyway, mismatched chairs look better too.
  8.  vintage metal beds make unique outdoors day beds- see below                                                 IMAGE - LUNDAGARD VIA PINTEREST
add ambience to summer entertaining with these accessories-

  1. lighting - an absolute must for summer evening entertaining. you can create lighting with tealights in simple holders or jars. more elaborate tea light holders are also availiable that fix to outside walls. lanterns in differing shapes and sizes aswell as hurricane lamps help add ambience. fire pits are a great focal point. also, why not bring your fancy candelabras outside to the garden, these look excellent on a vintage style table - the more the better too. simple church candles also work really well clustered together.
  2. lots of plump cushions. i like either neutral such as natural fabrics and cream, white and brown tones. or blue and white stripe or grey tones. cushions look so chic piled onto a bench. throws in different colours and patterns are a great way to keep warm helping to extend the party into the night!
  3. vintage tea cups and cake stands
  4. mismatched cutlery
  5. vintage bottles such as pharmacy/apothecary bottles/lab/medicine bottles used like vases with single flower stems inside. wine bottles as candle holders. vintage milk bottles and soda bottles for storing your drinks.
  6. bunting. you can make your own bunting from fabric, postcards,vintage photos and even garden seed packets.
  7. flowers - either single stems in individual bottles or small vases or large displays in eleborate vases - either way - it has to be done! flowers also look beautiful in vintage enamel jugs and mugs.
  8. if you haven't got the table of your dreams or, it isn't the colour you would like you can always dress it with a tablecloth. i am actually considering doing this with our old dining table that is living in our outbuilding. i have seen some lovely vintage linen fabric on etsy that i could make into a table cloth.
  9. if you have any  bare exterior garden walls - why not paint them in the colour of your choice and decorate with hanging baskets or garden art.

                      IMAGE VIA COUNTRY LIVING

click here for an excellent guide from country living to organizing a summer garden party.

i hope this has given you a few ideas to enjoy your garden and maybe throw a party on two this summer - if you have any more tips for garden parties or cheap furniture ideas please share them!

R x