Tuesday, 5 April 2011

paper bag packaging tutorial

 hello guys, i would like to share a really simple paper bag packaging tutorial with you today. i came up with the idea for the packaging as a simple way to create lovely packaging for my scrapbook matchboxes that i am listing soon in the shop.

i have always loved the effect of stitches against paper and have seen other people create lovely paper packaging before but i never could do anything like this as i didn't have a sewing machine. well, luckily my mum has lent me her sewing machine so now i can sew away to my hearts content.

so, clearly this tutorial is intended for those of you with a sewing machine. you could of course stitch by hand if you would like (i have never attempted to do this as i am a rubbish at hand sewing but i am sure it is possible)

#quick tip - it's always helpful to read through the tutorial once before you begin. 

so, above are the required items apart from a sewing machine / needle and thread which you will definitely need.

1. brown (or white paper bags) mine measured approx 18 x 18cms (7 x 7 inches)
2. paper doilies (you can find them in the cake making area in any larger supermarket)
3. scissors
4/5 various scraps of paper. some must be pale and plain so that your text will show clearly 
6. nylon brown cord for decoration

also you will need some type of functional rolling stamp (which are available on here on etsy, and at larger craft stores) for creating your label text or you could print yours out first on the computer. also, i have used my typewriter for one of the styles of bags but if you don't have one that is no problem either. you could even just hand write the labels for that extra personal touch.

so firstly you need to fold your bag into half and then sew along the edges where the sides meet but make sure not to sew along the original bag opening (1 + 2) then, take a paper doily and fold one edge over to about a third across and cut the folded over section out (3) then take two piece of your paper selection making sure that one is a pale/neutral piece so that your text will clearly show (4). # please note if you are using a computer or typewriter you need to type and print your text onto the paler piece of paper first before proceeding to cut it .then cut the paper pieces into two lengths of around 6 cms long and 1 cms wide (2.5 x 0.4 inches) then cut the paler coloured strip a little bit thinner so that you can see the other strip underneath when you lay it on top. cut a triangle shape out of the wider strip at one end.
 once you have your two strips created you need to stamp (1) your text along your pale strip.(if you have not printed or typewritten it of course!)i used the text 'for you' and 'happy birthday' for my bags. after this you need to roll over the open end of the bag a couple of times and then place your folded piece of doily over the folded edge. take your two paper strips (2) with the text strip on top of the other strip and so that the cut out triangle area is showing past the top strip. fold these over the the doily where the doily is folded also. i try to position the paper strips slightly off centre for a better effect. then sew all along the edge of the bag about 1cm (0.4 inches) from the edge. finally cut of the overhanging edges (3) of the doily so that it is nice and neat. you can use any words you like for your bag (4) you can use these bags for birthday gift wrap, etsy packages, handmade confetti, favours - the list goes on..also, i used the nylon cord to wrap around the bag a couple of times and then tied it simply for that little extra touch (not shown in the photos).
above are two of the bags i made. the one to the left is one that i hand stamped with the functional rolling stamp and the one on the right i typed on my typewriter. i think the one on the left is ideal for both male and female recipients as it is not quite as fussy as the one on the right - but i prefer the doily effect - don't you ;)