Friday, 11 March 2011

inspiring etsy shop - Mr Finch

i came across the beautiful handmade fabric moths while browsing on flickr looking for inspiration for my feature wall in the dining room. i thought one of these would be perfect to include. they are all hand crafted in Leeds UK by Mr Finch - an incredibly talented artist. he uses vintage fabrics such as table cloths and napkins, along with beads and wire to make these striking works of art. i am definitely going to be buying one of these moths in the near future and also i absolutely adore this miniature dress (bottom right below) it would look stunning in a shadow box wouldn't it?.
in fact - i want everything in his etsy shop. even the sold items such as this gorgeous handmade hare (above left) called Cherrypin The Moon Gazing Hare - soo adorable and made from fake fur which is a thumbs up from me. i also think this small trophy style head of a weeping fox is so clever and would make a real statement piece and talking point.

please go and take a look at his shop here. the prices are amazing too - considering how much work clearly goes into these lovely objects. also, please check out the my name is finch blog where you can follow his processes and see all the lovely new things he is making.