Friday, 4 March 2011

free library card template

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Please visit this blog post here for some new downloadable library card templates - the download link on this page is no longer working 
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i have a freebie for you this wonderful friday. a library card template.

i created this template for myself originally  as a card to send to my customers along with their purchases. 
it can be confusing deciding what to send to customers in the mail, some people don't really like freebies as such as the are sometimes things they don't particularly want so unfortunately tend to end up in the bin. and some people do not like the idea of more paper being used pointlessly. well, this template is for printing off thank you cards that have triple uses - 
  • as discount code vouchers (ideal for Etsy sellers)
  • and as a form of advertising as there are areas to add you blog, facebook etc.
  • and as a personalized thank you card (all customers respond well to a personal thank you)
these cards can also be modified for creating -
  • greetings cards
  • book club library cards
  • invitations
  • love notes
  • rsvps
  • place settings
and more..


simply download and edit as you please. please also check the margins are set to 'normal' in word. you can print onto any type of thick paper or card - i prefer extra thick card as it has a more authentic old fashioned 'letterpress' feel that way.

don't worry if you do not like the text choices i have made, you can edit the template however you wish. this is just a general layout for you to do as you please.

if you do like the fonts i used, they are -
  • typical writer available for free here
  • champignion available for free here
personally, my favourite font website is fontspace purely because the fonts are easy to search for and i love the layout. if you use this website they have a guide on how to download fonts -something i had no clue about before and i always used to wonder where everyone got their wonderful fonts from! here is their help page with all the info.

hope you have a wonderful weekend!