Sunday, 6 March 2011

dining room make over

i thought i would post some pics of my dining room make-over progress so i can have a record of how bad the in-between stages are and then (hopefully) when it is finished some pics of how good it can look afterwards. this is so that i don't get totally depressed next time i have to decorate a room (which will be many times as the whole house needs redecorating!)

to be honest even though i am now on the 2nd day of painting and the 4th day of decorating in total i am starting to feel like i am getting somewhere. the first two days were spent stripping the wallpaper which had been painted over a couple of times so, wasn't particularly easy to remove. i am very grateful for the help my sister has given me with this too. i would still probably be stripping still if i didn't get her to help!

anyway, here is what i have left to do -

  1. some touch ups of paint on the walls
  2. get the carpet up
  3. clean and gloss the skirting boards
  4. paint the fireplace surround and re-attach
  5. undo and paint chairs
  6. re-upholster chairs
  7. paint table
  8. paint dresser
  9. re-carpet
  10. fit chandelier
  11. put up pictures and mirrors etc....
no.11 is the bit i can't wait for oh, and no.10 too. i feel better now i have written a list! i hope to have it all done by next weekend but - we'll see :)

R x

(by the way the table in the pic is being repainted - i would never normally treat a lovely piece of furniture so cruelly!)