Wednesday, 9 February 2011

vintage bags

i need a new bag for summer and have been looking on Etsy at some vintage bags. i came accross these. they are all nice and big as i always carry a lot of stuff. including, my full make up range (yes - two whole bags) usually my camera, purse, business cards, an old apple, tissues (my eyes always run when it's windy - and my nose) keys, my kindle - when i dare to take it out of the safety of the house, a few dried up tangerines, nuts - you may have noticed that i carry a lot of food , it's because i get panicky if i get hungry and there is no food at immediate use (this comes from being very well fed as a child) lots of old receipts and leaflets etc,painkillers,plasters,perfume and i think that is about it!

i love the style of these bags, they remind me of when i was a wee nipper at school and they have that 'school satchel' feel - which i like as i loved going to school. which one is your favourite?

TOP LEFT - stephanieD
TOP RIGHT - LittleBeeVintage
BOTTOM LEFT - zelda110
BOTTOM RIGHT - mellow mine