Monday, 14 February 2011

getting there & a lovely surprise

i am not quite sure why i didn't blog about this at the time as i was so excited!i was lucky enough, earlier this year to win a free ad space on the oh,hello friend blog - my all time favorite blog. i am sure you must have come across this amazing design blog before, but if you haven't here is a little info. it is run by the lovely Danni, a graphic designer based in California. aswell as running her blog she also has an etsy shop where she sells adorable jewellery. she is so incredibly talented and her posts are always amazingly creative and interesting.
it's so nice to actually win something especially something so unexpected. please go and take a look at here blog, you will surely be hooked :)

i am nearly there with the weddings page, i just need to list my new items to my shoppes (i am adding another eccomerce site soon but more on that later) and then i can create all of my links to purchase items. i am also going to be adding a page with lots of links to wedding d.i.y tutorials too. here is a link to the page but please be aware there is a long way to go so it doesn't look much yet!

Roseanna x