Monday, 28 February 2011

antique map home decor ideas

this week i will be adding more antique maps from the 1920's - these are ideal for framing and make really unique gifts.

here are some other home decor ideas using both vintage and modern maps -

                                   photo-source unknown
as a focal feature by incorporating ceramics in matching hues

                                                        photo from country living
you can *decoupage maps onto furniture

                                                                                      photo by hikinginstillettos blog

insert pieces of maps into the panelling in an internal door

                                                       photo by homedit
add map pieces to embroidery hoops for an unusual wall feature

                                       photo from purplehomes blog
hang large maps unframed and team with vintage furniture

other ideas include
  • lampshades
  • coffee tables
  • bowls
  • cut pieces of map into butterflies, hearts and other shapes and display in a frame
  • cover notebooks for gifts
  • use maps for wrapping handmade soaps
  • photo frames
  • scrap booking and card making
  • gift wrapping
there are so many amazing things you can do with maps (if you know of any more please let me know!) although a simple map in a frame still looks great. click here for a useful 'how to' on framing maps.

* here is more info about decoupage and a simple 'how to' is available here

R x