Wednesday, 19 January 2011

shoppe update

vintage lamp
vintage christies books , vintage monopol corkscrew & vintage penquin book sets (coming soon)
top row -antique sheet music set no. 1, no.2 & no.3
middle row - superb 1890s library of william shakespeare, 1960's christies review book set, fab morroco guide book circa 1958
bottom row - antique decorative music book cover, instant vintage bottle collection, large enamelware bowl

all availiable now in the shoppe

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

january sale

we currently have a sale on our handmade dolls, we are now offering up to 25% off on all dolls . these dolls are so beautiful, each dolls was sewn on our vintage sewing machine and then the clothes lovingly stiched by a local seamstress. they make lovely decorative items for your home or nursery. the children dolls were originally inspired by this website - so many sad stories, how different things were in those days.

also, our typewriter postcard sets and single typewriter postcards  are now reduced too, the sets are now available at £4.50 ( $7) and the single cards are now £2 each ($3) - hurry though, they won't be around for long.