Thursday, 16 December 2010

kitchen ideas

we are in the process of sorting out our home. we have  lot to do and have finally begun work on the lounge but i am itching to get started on the kitchen. i found these images from around the web so that i can go back to them when i am ready to start on the kitchen.

i have decided that i am going to go for a freestanding kitchen rather than a fitted one. that way it will be a lot cheaper (and more interesting). i am thinking of collected lots of different style cupboards, free standing ones and ones that can be fitted above the worktop and then add some stainless steel consoles from ikea (only £69!) to create work tops. i  want to find a large buthers block too and a lovely big old sink - either ceramic or stainless steel. i also need to take up the floorboards (dodgy laminated ones) to reveal the original terracotta tiles. that will be fun. there is also a really dodgy 1970's accordian door (in lime green) that needs removing too, i should attach some photos, that way you will see how desperately bad it is! maybe next time!

i love the enamelware collection in picture one (second collage) that would look lovely on some shelving in my kitchen. now i just need to start collecting. i recently picked up a large vintage enamel bowl from  a carboot sale recently but i didnt purchase the whole set that was availiable - i wish i had now, it would have been an instant collection. never mind.

the third collage is a selection of light fittings that i adore from one of our favourite shops i do not have a clue which ones to choose for the kitchen, i really like them all! i  guess it may have to come down to price (as we will need two) - in which case it probably end up being the kitchen lamp. anyway, i can always buy one of the other ones for maybe the bathroom or utility...

shoppe wise, there are more maps being added soon, will keep you posted on those.

above photos -
collage 1.
photo1 -
photo2 -

collage 2.
photo 1 - by gunsgermssteel on
photo 2 -

collage 3.
photo 1 - fishermans lamp
photo 2 - kitchen lamp
photo 3 - davey lamp all from