Thursday, 21 October 2010

easy doll making

so, it was my neices 3rd birthday a few days ago and i wanted to get her something different and unique. i really had no idea as she has all the toys and books she could ever possibly need. i thought about making one of my dolls for her but my husband said it may well scare her (!) so i looked on the internet for ideas on how to make a nice child friendly doll and I came upon a video tutorial on Martha Stewart featuring Emily Martin from the beautiful Black Apple shoppe.

the tutorial was amazingly easy and the results - i think - are really very good. the dolls are super easy to make this way. so, thankyou Emily Martin for helping me make something super special for my nieces birthday.
go check out The Black Apple shoppe for lovely papergoods and prints, i especially love the paper dolls.

photos - top collage - my own
bottom collage The Black Apple